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My Teaching Philosophy

Learning should inspire a love of music that lasts a life time.

As a teacher I want to inspire my pupils, break down their learning into manageable steps and encourage them so that they feel positive and confident. I aim to inspire my pupils so that they have a passion for practice.

Happy Portrait

Learning should be fun, engaging 
and enjoyable

Pupils sign up for piano lessons to learn to play the piano.  I pride my teaching approach on creating a positive and happy environment where pupils are relaxed and therefore able to learn.


Learning should create an all-rounded musician

There needs to be a learning journey that delivers many aspects to create an all rounded musician. Music is after all a sound and not about just reading the notes. I work with my pupils to look at the character of the music and form a connection with the music they are playing.


Learning should be pupil centred

Lessons are tailored to each individual because all students' needs are different. My pupils play a key part in defining their goals, choosing music content and evolving their own objectives and destiny.

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